About Leslie

I am an artist. I love to write. I love nature. I am a tree hugger, and during the era, was called a hippie.

I am an idealist, a pragmatist, a cynic.

I’m a hypocrite, a human, and alive.

Anyone that comes close to me discovers that I like to talk… a lot.

I have had numerous and exciting life experiences, and regret none of them.

I know a good deal, and enough to know that I am woefully ignorant of most everything.

I have been at this blogging stuff for a while now. You’d think I should have run out of things to say…



Leslie Hawes Art Blog



9 thoughts on “About Leslie”

  1. Well, I have just stumbled upon this site, and read the bizarre story of the neighbourhood assemblages. That was August 2007- almost two tears ago – what happened ? Are you safe ? Are you still alive to enjoy you walks ?
    Have they added you to a pile of their assembled rocks and rubbish ?

  2. Hello Tania!
    It is a strange story about the ASSemblages, isn’t it?
    I am alive and safe :) I do continue to take daily walks. If they tried to add me to their ‘art’, I would make a lot of noise and kick a bit! :)
    The people stopped making the assemblages for reasons unknown. I have no trust for their intentions in the future, though.
    Thank you for reading about it all, and understanding how strange it is.
    I took a look at your beautiful art! Very nice!!!

  3. Leslie! What did you begin!

    Amy says it was your post on your blog about Camp Beisler that led to the Yahoo! group, campbeisler.

    I hope you are following that group. It led to a reunion at camp this past weekend. Just over 20 people had a great, if cold, time exploring camp and meeting both old and new friends.

    We hope to do it again.

    Thank you for you memories that started an avalanche!


  4. Hi Daryl!
    This comment slipped by me for a few days!
    I will take some very, very second-hand credit for instigating a Beisler reunion, but I give all credit to Amy for the Yahoo Group, and the ensuing frivolity!:)
    Here is a link to the original post about Camp Beisler…
    I pop in at the Yahoo Group from time to time, but my experiences there were in the early 1960’s, before all the fun started!
    I am so delighted to be the catalyst for so much good stuff.

  5. I stumbled on your Flickr Photostream, and recognized a number of things who were
    so familiar to me…the same thing happened when I read your profile on your blog…
    Once called a hippie myself, which I hated then, but now very proud off…Like you write: we are human, and hyprocrite, and loving trees; a wonderful combination.
    I’ve added you as a contact on Flickr ( I hope you don’t mind ) and love to see more
    art from you in the future !


  6. Hi, I so enjoyed your story about you and the cactus in the garden and wondered if you would allow me to share it in my Digest with many people around the world. My Digest is non profit .. educational only.
    Many thanks. Marina.

  7. Leslie, I am an artist also. In fact, while I was painting at Picachio Peak, my photo was taken to advertise wild flowers in Arizona. My husband and I are planning a trip to Tucson, and I was wondering if there will be any wildflowers out the last week of February. During my last visit, my timing was off and there were few flowers. joan

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